(Site launched Oct. 29, 2013)

Welcome to Omega Ops Legion

Omega Ops Legion is an ongoing action novel series that chronicles the exploits of the Legion (a fictitious organization) in their globe-spanning war against crime, corruption, and injustice. From gunrunners and terrorist groups, to drug cartels, crime syndicates, and super-villains, no lawbreaker is outside the Legion's jurisdiction. To learn more about the series, check out the info page.

Content Advisory: Novels contain violence, coarse language, and mature subject matter.

News and Updates

[Jan 15, 2016] Added a few new files to the character database

[Nov 12, 2015] Added Contact page. Paperback now available through Amazon (.com/.ca/.eu)

[Aug 23, 2015] Book 1 now available in Paperback through Amazon.com

[Apr 4, 2015] Book 1 Character Appearance List updated

[Apr 1, 2015] Character Database launched

Framework in place. Only a few partial character profiles at the moment. Many updates on the way, and much to do.

[Jan 8, 2015] Website revamped

[Dec 29, 2014] Book 1 released on Kobo

[Dec 27, 2014] Book 1 released on Amazon

[Oct 29, 2013] Website launched