Character Database

Welcome to the Character Database. In case you're wondering, this repository of information is nowhere close to being finished, but the basic skeleton is in place, with a few partial profiles to get a feel of what's to come. Information will be continually added and improved upon. Ideally, the end result which is being worked towards is a catalogue of every named character in the Omega Ops Legion Universe; complete with images and a biography.

READ BEFORE PROCEEDING: Information in the addendum sections of the character files are hidden due to spoilers. So only read the addendum sections if you have read the corresponding books. Click the show/hide button in each addendum section to reveal it. In case you didn't know... (Nothing in the sections yet, information from book 1 will be added to the files soon)

Character File Master List (A list of characters; sortable by first name, last name, and file number)

Groups & Affiliations (Characters organized into groups. The same character may be subject to multiple groups)

Book Appearances (Lists for each book, indicating which characters made appearances. Not particularly useful at the moment, with only one book out...)


- Every character is given a file number for organizational purposes. These numbers will be greyed out until their file is created. Information will be added to a character's file as it becomes available. If there are multiple characters with the same file number, this means it is the same person filed under a different name.

- The character file dates indicate the date on the Omega Ops Legion timeline when the information is 100% accurate. Information is subject to change before or after the file date.

- Placeholders will be used for character images until they are drawn. The images may be in color or black & white, and are subject to change.

- Addendum sections for Book 2 are there at the moment just to get an idea of the page layout. There will be no information in them until Book 2 is released.