The information on this page will give you some idea of what to expect from the novel series...or maybe less of an idea what to expect.


Series draws from many different genres including but not limited to: action, crime, drama, superhero, martial-arts, and sci-fi

Content Rating

Contains violence, coarse language, and mature subject matter. To be put in terms of MPAA ratings, the novels would be rated R (the F-bombs are the primary reason for an R rating; all other elements are closer to PG-13).


Fast-paced and action heavy. The series will read more like a TV show than an actual novel, meaning: a lot of dialogue and limited description. It will be rare to find long-winded descriptions of the scenery and weather. If it doesn't do much to increase the entertainment value of the story, then it's probably not worth putting in. Storytelling execution will draw from elements found in superhero cartoons, gritty TV dramas, fight animes, and action movies. The tone can go from light and comedic to dark and heavy in a hurry.

So is there any depth to this series at all, or do you need to replace your brain with a freshly-cooked meatloaf to enjoy it?

Despite there being a gratuitous amount of action, the series will strive to balance this with fully fleshed-out characters that can still be engaging on a human level, when they aren't beating the hell out of each other.

Super powers and all other things 'Super'

There are elements drawn from superhero fiction including super powers, super-villains, and superheroes. Having said that, many of the main characters in the series are in fact ordinary people with no powers. The gap between ordinary and super-powered characters will not be so large as to render normal people useless. For example, in some superhero stories, the heroes and villains are so absurdly powerful, that the police and military are reduced to being bystanders. Almost every super-powered character in this series can be stopped by a bullet if they are caught off-guard.

The term 'superhero' is used for lack of a better word, but these aren't the traditional cape and tights heroes, each with their own origin story. Most have regular clothes and there is basically only one superpower: a fictional law of nature created for the Omega Ops Legion story universe. Loosely based off the concept of qi, this idea will cover most of the classic superpowers such as super-strength, flight, energy projectiles, speed, etc. The key is to not oversaturate the story with the use of these powers so that when they do appear, they will be something extraordinary.

There were a few reasons for this direction choice:

1. To provide a viable means for a hero with no weapons to go up against armed thugs.

It didn't seem right for some of these heroes to be using guns to take down criminals for whatever ethical/moral reason. So this leads to a problem. To engage several targets with guns, which person appears more ridiculous: an ordinary unarmed person with special training or someone with superpowers? Might be too close to call.

2. Create the possibility of individual characters that possess the strength of an army.

The scope of this series is very large, meaning that the setting is not confined to a small town, a city, or even a country. For certain characters to have an impact on such a large playing field, they require abilities that exceed human limits. Sure, there will likely be characters in the series that are capable of crushing nations through political guile alone, but being able to achieve similar feats with physical force is simply another avenue to explore.

3. Leaves all options open.

The series is intended to create a platform where every possible kind of action and fight sequence can thrive. Hand-to-hand combat, gun fights, sword fights, car chases, explosions, etc. If the Omega Ops Legion story universe did not permit the existence of super powers, the storytelling potential would basically be cut in half. This series will attempt to strike a fine balance between realistic and fantasy elements, if that's at all possible.

Priority One is Entertainment

Everything else takes a backseat. Let's look at an example:

In the story, there is a problem that needs to be solved and there are two ways of going about it. Option A is realistic, sensible, and may even be original. Option B is incredibly stupid and heavily clichéd. But it just so happens that option B is far more entertaining. Chances are, option B is going to happen.

There's a reason why things become a cliché and that's because they work so well to entertain. Where would the action movie be without the one-liners and the hero running away from a giant explosion? As the O'Jays have stated time and time again: "You got to give the people; give the people what they want."